Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and for some, it is the most important shopping day before Christmas. It’s a day to get good deals on pretty much whatever you are looking for as long as you don’t mind the long lines and huge crowds.

Black Friday is also a day where you tend to regret the food choices you made on Thanksgiving. Maybe you had an extra piece of pumpkin pie because it looked too good to pass up, or maybe filling up on stuffing, mashed potatoes and turkey is more your thing.

Whatever it is you indulged in, don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to get back into a normal routine again. Eating a balanced diet is a good way to start, and getting a good exercise routine started is the next best step.

Semi-private training is an awesome way to get good exercise and be accountable for your routine. A personal trainer will work with you and 3 or 4 others to create personal routines based on your fitness level and what your weight loss needs are. They can also be very flexible with your schedule, if you need early morning or later in the evening, a personal trainer can work with you whatever time you needed. They will set up a gym routine that works best for your fitness level and move you up as you go, giving you the motivation you need every step of the way.

Don’t waste a moment

I heard on the news this morning about a van that was plowed into by a drunk driver running a stop sign, and the teenager in the van died on the scene. I couldn’t help but think of my own kids and how I would feel if something that awful happened to our family.

I realize that this is a depressing subject to think about, who wants to live as if there may not be a tomorrow? And my intent is not to project gloom and doom on anyone; my message is simple: live for today while you are planning for your future.

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Misconception can lead to the Wrong Perception

It’s amazing to me how we can have a misconception about people that gives the wrong perception of them.

For example, I have two small children and when I take them to the mall, store, wherever, I have a habit of profiling the people around me.  I’m looking for the pedophiles, shady characters that may want to snatch my kids.  Wrong of me, I know, but I’m human and I make mistakes too.  So I will see someone who’s older, wearing dirty, stained clothes, a scowl and frown upon their face and I immediately try to steer my kids in a different direction.

But they, being small and innocent, beam at the person and say a boisterous, “Hi!” I clutch their shoulders and prepare for the worst, but here’s where the wrong perception comes in.  I think that this person is going to say something nasty, but they don’t.  Instead, their face lights up, they smile and give an equally boisterous, “Hi!” back!

I can tell you I have learned more in my 6 years of being a parent than I have my whole life.  They are teaching me not to have a misconception about people because it will lead to the wrong perception of them.  Not ALL people are bad, most are good, you just have to look beyond the surface to the heart underneath.

Speaking of goals…

Ok, ok, so I have said it before and I’ll say it again, fitness is important!  It’s important to make it a goal every day, every week, every month to work it into your schedule!  No more excuses!  Yup, that’s what I tell myself every day.  I promise myself that I WILL get motivated to join a gym or aerobics class, I WILL squeeze it into my busy day, but for some reason, I haven’t yet.

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Staying Focused

I will have two children in school this fall for the first time.  I am a stay at home Mom so the thought of time to myself for the first time in 6 years is both exhilarating and a little overwhelming.  When I think about my upcoming free time, my mind is immediately flooded with all the projects I want to get done, the room cleaning and organization that needs to happen both upstairs and down, and finding time to add fitness to my schedule.

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Read More. Get Smarter.

This year I made it a goal to read 6 to 12 books throughout the year. I also set out to read books from different categories so that I’d become a well-rounded reader and thinker. I am a very slow reader. In fact I originally sent my goal to six books this year knowing that I am so slow. But I thought I should push myself and go for at least 12 books this year. If I fall short, I can still look at all the books I didn’t finish reading and feel accomplished about trying to read so many. I could at least feel good about the progress that I had made. And, I intrinsically knew that if I felt short on 12 I could probably still read more than 6! Continue reading “Read More. Get Smarter.”

Thinking About the Future

Last time I touched on how mindfulness can help us live a full life by staying in the moment. This doesn’t mean however that we can’t think about the future and our possibilities. One of the goals I set for myself this year was to achieve the highest level of fitness I’ve ever had. To do this I knew I would need some help, and that’s where FitnessBootCampAA came in! Continue reading “Thinking About the Future”


One of the best practices that I think people can start to put into place is mindfulness. Mindfulness is not something that occurred to me for a very long time. A lot of people float around in their bubbles, never considering how their thoughts affect them or why they affect them. This was true for me until somewhat recently. For some, including myself, it wasn’t something I ever even considered until the idea was introduced to me. How strange that something so simple was such a novel idea to me.

Mindfulness has been one of the most powerful tools I have ever implemented in my life. It has helped me squash anxiety and worry.


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