Winter is here

Well, we knew it had to happen, winter has returned and with it is bitter temperatures, high winds, and blowing snow.

I personally fall into a kind of lethargy this time of year; my promises to take a walk outside every day don’t happen nearly as much because it’s just too cold.

But I think that goal setting is so important this time of year because while it feels much better to snuggle up under a blanket on the couch, if your goal is to take a walk, bundle up really well and go do it. And while you are walking, make sure to notice all of the beauty around you, the way the trees are clothed with dresses in white and glittering jewels of ice; the crunch of snow beneath your boots, and the silence that is so absolute in the winter.

Then keep that image in your mind every day before taking your walk. You can even keep a journal of the things you see, the squirrels romping in the snow, vibrant red cardinals enjoying a snack on a bird feeder, etc.

After a while, you will forget about the cold and can begin to see each walk as an adventure!