We never stop growing

I turned 38 last week and I can honestly say that I have learned more in my last 7 years of being a parent than I have in my entire life. But you have to think about the situations you’ve been in. Is there a particularly nasty time in your life that you can recall? And you wonder how you ever got through it and pushed through to the other side? For me, I can think of quite a few times of darkness in my life, and I’ve found that prayer really works the best. When you are getting down in the dumps about something, pray about it, and know that God is always listening.

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Because the truth is, when we DO finally come out of the dark valley into the light, we ARE stronger, we ARE more experienced and can pass our knowledge on to others. I confess that I have had a tendency to quit when something got to be too hard. With parenting though, quitting is not an option. I find myself praying quite a bit throughout the day, both for my children at school, but also that I will have more patience with them, that I can calmly and rationally deal with whatever they throw at me.

It is not easy, and even if you aren’t a parent, you know that life can be very tough to deal with at times. But don’t give up! Pray about it, leave it to the Maker, He knows all, He sees all and He loves you more than anything else in this world.

Online Marketing

What does Online Marketing mean? Techopedia defines online marketing as “a set of powerful tools and methodologies used for promoting products and services through the internet.”

In this day and age, if a business wants to be successful, they have to go beyond traditional advertising to reach a broader audience. The internet has really become a great conduit to getting customers to see your products, find out who you are as a company, and how you can benefit them by selling them your products. Local marketing companies such as Align Local are doing just that.

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It’s snowing again…

Oh yesterday, why don’t you come back! You brought sunny skies and a warm breeze to our February day, a hope that this winter won’t last forever! But alas, today it is snowing again, and the hope of more sunny days to come will have to sustain us through the cold days of winter.

But in the meanwhile, heading over to Fitness Bootcamp in Ann Arbor is a great way to go to beat the winter blues. They offer personal trainers, plenty of equipment and classes to give you the energy you need to make through even the worst of winter’s long days.

Sunny Side Up

There are many self-help books on the market today that are filled with tips and quotes about being positive. “If you just do this ____”, they claim, “Then you can think positively too!” But for me, it’s not that simple. I am great at being positive for other people, helping them see a different perspective about a situation they are stuck on. But when you are wandering through the dark valley yourself, it’s not so easy to pass on positive tips to yourself. So what do you do? What is it that you need to find to be more positive about your own situation?

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And speaking of Resolution’s…

In my last post I talked about resolutions we make for each new year and how overwhelming the list can get when you look at it as a whole.

Taking 21 days to change a habit is my only resolution this year. I am changing one bad habit at a time. Another bad habit of mine is not exercising, and thankfully, Fitness Bootcamp in Ann Arbor is there to help me to change that habit one day at a time!

Winter is here

Well, we knew it had to happen, winter has returned and with it is bitter temperatures, high winds, and blowing snow.

I personally fall into a kind of lethargy this time of year; my promises to take a walk outside every day don’t happen nearly as much because it’s just too cold.

But I think that goal setting is so important this time of year because while it feels much better to snuggle up under a blanket on the couch, if your goal is to take a walk, bundle up really well and go do it. And while you are walking, make sure to notice all of the beauty around you, the way the trees are clothed with dresses in white and glittering jewels of ice; the crunch of snow beneath your boots, and the silence that is so absolute in the winter.

Then keep that image in your mind every day before taking your walk. You can even keep a journal of the things you see, the squirrels romping in the snow, vibrant red cardinals enjoying a snack on a bird feeder, etc.

After a while, you will forget about the cold and can begin to see each walk as an adventure!

Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and for some, it is the most important shopping day before Christmas. It’s a day to get good deals on pretty much whatever you are looking for as long as you don’t mind the long lines and huge crowds.

Black Friday is also a day where you tend to regret the food choices you made on Thanksgiving. Maybe you had an extra piece of pumpkin pie because it looked too good to pass up, or maybe filling up on stuffing, mashed potatoes and turkey is more your thing.

Whatever it is you indulged in, don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to get back into a normal routine again. Eating a balanced diet is a good way to start, and getting a good exercise routine started is the next best step.

Semi-private training is an awesome way to get good exercise and be accountable for your routine. A personal trainer will work with you and 3 or 4 others to create personal routines based on your fitness level and what your weight loss needs are. They can also be very flexible with your schedule, if you need early morning or later in the evening, a personal trainer can work with you whatever time you needed. They will set up a gym routine that works best for your fitness level and move you up as you go, giving you the motivation you need every step of the way.

Don’t waste a moment

I heard on the news this morning about a van that was plowed into by a drunk driver running a stop sign, and the teenager in the van died on the scene. I couldn’t help but think of my own kids and how I would feel if something that awful happened to our family.

I realize that this is a depressing subject to think about, who wants to live as if there may not be a tomorrow? And my intent is not to project gloom and doom on anyone; my message is simple: live for today while you are planning for your future.

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