One of the best practices that I think people can start to put into place is mindfulness. Mindfulness is not something that occurred to me for a very long time. A lot of people float around in their bubbles, never considering how their thoughts affect them or why they affect them. This was true for me until somewhat recently. For some, including myself, it wasn’t something I ever even considered until the idea was introduced to me. How strange that something so simple was such a novel idea to me.

Mindfulness has been one of the most powerful tools I have ever implemented in my life. It has helped me squash anxiety and worry.


Yes, you read that right it helps overcome anxiety.

The main principle behind mindfulness is to consider the here and now, not to worry about the past or what you need to do in the future. It is the practice of observing your thoughts in a nonjudgmental way, in other words not categorizing your thoughts as good or bad but rather acknowledging their presence.

It takes practice because it means you are paying active attention to your life. It might sound easy, but how many times do we get caught up in what we should have done or said or the seemingly endless list of things we need to do. Indeed, practicing mindfulness is a skill.

If you truly mastermind fullness, which I am nowhere near achieving, you live your life to its fullest because you are always present in the current moment. It is thoughts about the past or future that elicit anxiety in all of us.

One can also use the practice of mindfulness to improve their relationships and reduce frustration or annoyances. I’ll probably make a post dedicated to this because it helped me tremendously in one very important relationship in my life. In the meantime I thought you mike like the video about mindfulness (above) and how to practice it.

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