Read More. Get Smarter.

This year I made it a goal to read 6 to 12 books throughout the year. I also set out to read books from different categories so that I’d become a well-rounded reader and thinker. I am a very slow reader. In fact I originally sent my goal to six books this year knowing that I am so slow. But I thought I should push myself and go for at least 12 books this year. If I fall short, I can still look at all the books I didn’t finish reading and feel accomplished about trying to read so many. I could at least feel good about the progress that I had made. And, I intrinsically knew that if I felt short on 12 I could probably still read more than 6!

Either way it would be an improvement from last year where I probably read books but I don’t even know how many, certainly not enough. So one of the books I started to read recently is Darren Hardy’s Compound affect. I haven’t completed it yet but so far it seems pretty good. People have recommended it to me, so I thought I’d give it a go to change up the pace for me because I have recently been reading something more along the lines of spirituality and finding your path.

This book is very relevant for goal setting because he talks about making small changes every day which compound into larger changes over time. I started implementing some little changes and I’ve already noticed how my life is changing. I’m actually starting to achieve at least one of my goals of reading more!

Instead of listening to the news on my morning commute I started listening to audio books. Often during the day I cannot focus enough on audio books because I have to be too active in my brain at work. But frankly the news isn’t educational in the way I would be interested in being educated.

It’s funny, even Darren Hardy mentions this in his book. He talks about how continual learning is key to growth and success. Even seemingly small changes, like reading your educating yourself, for just 30 to 60 minutes a day can transform you. 

So, here’s to my transformation! And to yours!

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