Speaking of goals…

Ok, ok, so I have said it before and I’ll say it again, fitness is important!  It’s important to make it a goal every day, every week, every month to work it into your schedule!  No more excuses!  Yup, that’s what I tell myself every day.  I promise myself that I WILL get motivated to join a gym or aerobics class, I WILL squeeze it into my busy day, but for some reason, I haven’t yet.

I’m not even sure why.  I’m tired most of the time, feeling run down, fitness would be a great goal to have, a class to go to every week to build my metabolism, have fun with fellow women who are feeling the same way, and get in shape so I can chase my kids without having to tell them I’m too winded to ride my bike with them.

So what is it?  What’s keeping me from my goal?  Is it the money?  Yes, fitness classes can be expensive but I guess they pay for themselves in the end.  Is it lack of time?  Perhaps, but if I were a better time manager, I know I could fit it in somewhere.

I’m thinking the best way to go about this is step-by-step.  Step 1, research the different classes to find something that excites me, be it Zumba, Spinning or Yoga, and times to see what day of the week and time would work out best.  Step 2, signing up for said class, thus committing myself to it.  And finally, step 3, go to the class and enjoy myself!

Ok, easy enough!  Time to go to www.fitnessbootcampaa.com/ to complete step 1; wish me luck!

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