We never stop growing

I turned 38 last week and I can honestly say that I have learned more in my last 7 years of being a parent than I have in my entire life. But you have to think about the situations you’ve been in. Is there a particularly nasty time in your life that you can recall? And you wonder how you ever got through it and pushed through to the other side? For me, I can think of quite a few times of darkness in my life, and I’ve found that prayer really works the best. When you are getting down in the dumps about something, pray about it, and know that God is always listening.

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Because the truth is, when we DO finally come out of the dark valley into the light, we ARE stronger, we ARE more experienced and can pass our knowledge on to others. I confess that I have had a tendency to quit when something got to be too hard. With parenting though, quitting is not an option. I find myself praying quite a bit throughout the day, both for my children at school, but also that I will have more patience with them, that I can calmly and rationally deal with whatever they throw at me.

It is not easy, and even if you aren’t a parent, you know that life can be very tough to deal with at times. But don’t give up! Pray about it, leave it to the Maker, He knows all, He sees all and He loves you more than anything else in this world.

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